Local Place Plan

A Local Place Plan (LPP) is a proposal by a community body about the development and use of land in their community. These plans are a way for communities to set out their aspirations for how their local places might look in the future. By producing an LPP, a community will take a proactive role in the development planning process because a planning authority must consider valid LPPs when preparing a local development plan.

Submitted Local Place Plan

We have now submitted the Local Place Plan for our Community Council boundary area, involving community engagement over 6 months and analysis of previous research too. It can be viewed online or downloaded here (the file is 15mb, so it is a large file):

Mayfield and Easthouses Local Place Plan

We also provided a supporting document that included statements about the process, you can see that here:

LPP supporting statement

Further information:

Grit Bins Map in Mayfield & Easthouses

Use this map to see where the grit bins are in Mayfield & Easthouses.


Locations are the most important information at the moment as if we can get up to date information to the council it will make it easier (and more effective) when we place requests to get them filled, etc.

Please let us know if any of the information on the map is wrong or out of date.

The QR Code below links to the map too.